Listen As This Stranded Orca Cries To The Rescuers Who Are Trying To Save Her!

An orca, or killer whale, is the largest member of the dolphin family. They are highly adaptable and intelligent. They can communicate and even coordinate while hunting, according to us.whales.org.

Orcas are predators and hunt sea lions, seals, fish, and squid. Orcas are not typically a threat to humans, but some stories tell of killer whales protecting humans from sharks! Off the coast of Canada, an orca had become stranded on some rocks.


A man, luckily, saw her and knew she needed help! He called a group of Guardians from Hartley Bay, British Columbia and some people from For Whales also came to help.


All the people who came out were volunteers. According to a Facebook post, the killer whale had been on those rocks for hours. They covered the whale with tarps and sheets to help keep her cool and wet.


They assembled a water pump. The volunteers said that the whale seemed to know that they were trying to help her and that the when the whale cried, their hearts ached.


The rescuers continued to keep the whale wet as the tide slowly crept up. After more than six hours the tide was high enough for the orca to get free from the rocks!


The Facebook post extended a big thank you to the community that has come together to help and protect the helpless whale! The video shows the rescuers and the moment the whale is finally free.

You can tell by the emotion in the woman’s voice that is was a long, hard day – but it was also worth it! Share away, people!

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